The Sovereign is the most replicated coin in India making it vital that you know the signs to look out for to ensure you are purchasing the real Indian Sovereign.

With Sovereigns playing a large role in many traditional Indian religious and social ceremonies, such as weddings and harvest festivals, the demand for this coin has always been high but demand for the world renowned coin was not met. This lead to the rise in imitation Sovereigns flooding the market and the Sovereign becoming the most replicated coin in India.

What to look out for

All genuine Sovereigns, whether struck in the United Kingdom or in India, must conform to a specific set of requirements. The Sovereign is subject to the Trial of the Pyx, a quality assurance method that has been established for over 750 years. This assures the quality of the 22-carat gold and the weight of the coin to five decimal places. Each genuine Sovereign is certified by the Royal Mint UK for:

  • 7.98805 g weight
  • 91.67% gold
  • 22.05 mm diameter

Each genuine Sovereign struck by MMTC-PAMP in India bears an identical design and specification to those struck in the Royal Mint in the United Kingdom with one exception. All Indian Sovereigns bear the “I” mintmark just above the year of minting to indicate that the coin has been struck in India.

Check the Packaging

It is important to remember that a genuine Sovereign is never sold loose. Each Royal Mint MMTC-PAMP India minted Sovereign is packaged in a distinctive sealed package. This packaging is marked with an individual serial number and also carries the Royal Mint’s Certification of gold content and purity. The unique serial numbered certificate helps you to ensure that you are buying the genuine Sovereign and not an imitation or replica.

When buying the Indian Sovereign it will be presented to you in a deluxe presentation box. Not only is this the best way to showcase the impeccable craftsmanship and quality of your Indian Sovereign but it is also another key indicator that you are buying a genuine Royal Mint MMTC-PAMP India Sovereign.

The genuine Sovereign is impeccably crafted, precious and timeless. It is an assurance to the Indian customer that they no longer have to rely on imitation and replica coins. Ensuring that you are purchasing a genuine Indian Sovereign has many long-term benefits for the consumer including being assured of the integrity of the Sovereign brand.

Royal Mint customers purchasing the Indian Struck Sovereign outside of the country itself will also benefit from being able to identify the genuine coin. You can buy the Indian Sovereign with confidence and assurance that it is the genuine article, bringing you complete trust and reliability.