Indians have a fascination with gold Sovereigns and these iconic coins play an integral part of Indian religious and social ceremonies through the year. The demand for these symbolic coins is extremely high and this has led people to rely on imitation coins, making the Sovereign the most imitated coin in India.

For celebration and commemoration

In India, the Sovereign is fondly referred to as “Ginni”; a local term coined from the word Guinea. It carries a much higher emotional value than any other gold coin, especially in India. Due to this, the Sovereign often plays a part in many traditional ceremonies and celebrations across the country due to it being such a highly valued symbol of beauty, integrity and quality.

All across India during the harvest festivals, Sovereigns are bought as part of the traditional celebrations. Festivals such as Dhanteras, Deepawali and Onam all often include the buying and giving of Sovereigns. Akshaya Tritiya, Gudi, Padwa and Pongal celebrations are also occasions where the prestigious and famous coin makes a noteworthy appearance.

The gold Sovereign plays a significant part in Indian wedding ceremonies and festivities. The attributes the coin represents are synonymous with marriage, such as loyalty, dedication and prominence. The giving or exchanging of the Sovereign during the wedding it highly significant and will now be made even more so now that families will no longer need to rely on imitation coins when they can own the real thing.

Gifts to treasure

Sovereigns have also traditionally been the ideal gift for many other important life events. Many Indians believe that they giving of the Sovereign represents passing on the attributes for which it is famed. The Sovereign, with its depiction of St George and the dragon, is a symbolic representation of good triumphing over evil which may also contribute to its popularity as a gift on such highly significant occasions. Sovereigns are often seen as the perfect gift for occasional such as engagements, the birth of a child, Raksha and Bandhan. The Sovereign is also used as a gift to celebrate Grah Pravesh – the housewarming ceremony, and Namakarana the naming ceremony.

The gold Sovereign has been a traditional part of thee celebrations and festivities since its introduction in India in 1918. Since then it has only grown in popularity and many traditions have been formed around it. These traditions still continue today across the entire country making a genuine Sovereign a highly sought after and valuable gift.

A coin to keep forever

Due to the Sovereign’s unrivalled supremacy as the most renowned commemorative coin in the world, this flagship coin of the Royal Mint stands for many ideals whished for happy couples or momentous occasions. A genuine Sovereign is not only a masterpiece of beauty in itself but it also comes presented in a certified box with certificate of authenticity. Not only does the Sovereign hold such significance but when presented as a gift, it also shows the recipient just how much they mean to the person giving the gift.

Sovereigns have always stood as a symbol of excellence, pride and undeniable craftsmanship. They continue to play a big part in many major ceremonies and festivals and these new Indian Sovereigns will continue to do so for years to come.